It might be a lot like yours (or not at all)

midwestern fare with a cali twist.

In Apartment Cooking on January 23, 2008 at 5:15 pm

So I made this pork the other day. I grilled it up on my grill pan. Which worked well (looks nice, eh?) but I didn’t have the pan hot enough, so I had to broil it for a few final mins to cook it through. I marinated this meat and it turned out awesome. I think I ended up making a bbq sauce basically. The marinade consisted of: pomegranate juice (which I have used for so many things this winter), soy sauce, worchestshire (hard to spell) sauce, garlic, honey, salt, pepper, and some other seasonings. It was incredible, I wish I’d cooked the marinade up into a sauce instead of tossing it! The star of the show was the broccoli, which is the best red-pepper / garlic broccoli I’ve ever had or made.

This is straight up midwestern cuisine right here, folks…complete with the white rice. Pork Chops were a staple in my house growing up. I’ll have to serve my mom this meal so she can see how food can be seasoned 🙂

Grilled Pomegranate BBQ Pork Chop,

Garlic Red Pepper Broccoli, and White Rice

  1. I love making red pepper/garlic broccoli or cauliflower (or mixed). it’s about the only way I make it now. yum.

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