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a proud moment in experimental cooking!

In Apartment Cooking on January 28, 2008 at 8:36 pm

 okay…this is one of those dishes i made and couldn’t stop raving about it while i ate it.

from the moment i thought of this app (that was ate as a meal)…i was ready to shop and cook, excited to see if i could replicate the flavors and look that i was envisioning!

the plan was to create a Crab & Pepper Jack Quesadilla with a Jalapeño Lime Creme Sauce. doesn’t that just sound  like something delicious? what really grabbed me was the juxtaposition of milder and more intense flavors and how to balance them so they interact perfectly. or at least, that was my intent.

so basically what i did was purchase some delicious crab meat from Whole Foods and layered it between Pepper Jack Cheese and two tortillas. Into the oven, I lined the top and bottom with foil, layered the quesadillas on top of each other, and a weighed it all down with a small skillet on top of the stack. that has proved to be my most successful quesa making technique thus far, as far as form is concerned.

as the cheese melted and the crab meat heated at 400-degrees, i prepared the sauce. the thought was, i wanted the crab meat and cheese to be warm and gooey and crabby…and the sauce to cut in very cool, creamy, and spicy. the appetizer i’d dreamed up ended up pretty much perfect. actually it was better than i had envisioned.

to make the cream, i basically purreed 1 jalapeno, 1 clove garlic, 3 limes, sale, pepper, and 1tbs canned jalapenos…along with cayanne pepper (to taste). after it was blended and chopped up, i added the sour cream…about 1cup. blended it all and it became the gorgeous green sauce you see below. it was creamy and limey and had an exciting kick to it! paired perfectly with the flavors within the crab quesadillas.

this is one i’m definitely making for the crowds (well…might need to use shrimp or something, that crab is costly!)

 Crab & Pepper Jack Quesadillasw/ Jalepeno Lime Creme Sauce

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