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Super Bull Sunday (yes, I'm this behind…)

In Apartment Cooking on February 25, 2008 at 8:42 pm

nF and I decided to spend our Super Bowl Sunday alone, despite a few options that seemed sorta fun…but not as fun as us watching it alone.

for this momentous occasion, that was really sucky considering the Packers weren’t in the Superbowl despite their greatness, I decided it was imperative I made some good ole’ Green Bay, WI party favorites.

Here we have the Never-fail Cream Cheese Taco Dip…which I did experiment more with than what I’d been served as a child…you can see most of the ingredients used in the first pic. It also includes ground beef (needed some protein with the carb-overload).

While the taco dip was my favorite, nF was all about the Cheesy Baked Bean Dip.  This was a dish that only certain Green Bay moms did…it turned out way too good.

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