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you know it's that time of the month when…

In How to be a Princess on March 29, 2008 at 1:44 pm

1. your lower back feels like your 82yrs old

2. your in a bad mood for no reason (that was yesterday)

3. you are constantly hungry for everything bad for you

4. you’re more impatient, annoyed, and irritable that usual

5. you start tearing up while reading an inspiring article in Essence mag about becoming a millionaire while listening to Dorothy Moore’s 1976 “Misty Blue”


Can't get enuf Mexican food!

In Apartment Cooking on March 25, 2008 at 7:29 pm

I would like to note that we have discovered THE BEST Mexican trailer (aka roach coach) that serves the most amazing tacos. Recently tried the burritos, they are also heavenly. Of course this Mexican food is as close to Mexico as we can be. The focus is on the meats, the salsas are complex, and the sides of roasted onions and jalapeños and also raw onions and cilantro, and radishes–great sides! Aw they are so good…I almost want that for dinner tonight now ugh.

But onto my version of delicious Mexican food, these tacos were pretty phenom. The reason for that is my tortilla technique. It really brings out the flavor of the tortilla and melds with the ingredients inside.

It’s called frying haha. Well you don’t fully fry them until hard, just a quick dip in some several inches of canola oil and they are ready to go. I used the small round tortillas and pushed them down into the oil with a wooden spoon. The fry-bubbles were rushing up pushing the torilla up everywhere other than my spoon forming a taco shape! Let them drain a bit and stuff em up. Then eat!

Oh man…this lasagna…

In Apartment Cooking on March 25, 2008 at 7:18 pm

 I’m telling you, this lasagna was incredible. I felt the need to make a sausage lasagna with sauteed veggies, ricotta, and lots of eggplant and tomato sauce. It turned out amazing, easily the best lasagna I’ve ever had.

I think what made this lasagna stand out as one of the best were these things:

– it had a single layer of caramelized onion and garlic with Parmesan

– eggplant and mushrooms were sauteed separately, and layered separately

– cheese used was ricotta layered, Parmesan in the one layer, and mozzarella on top

– chicken sun-dried tomato sausage

– LOTS of sauce!

Sorry, I realize I never include recipes. I always just create them myself and don’t remember to write anything down. I can normally recall them when asked tho, so if you ever want one…please just ask!

A balance: Being Healthy but still "Vacationing" when on vacation!

In Shape Up...or Ship Out! on March 25, 2008 at 7:10 pm

I wanted to take a brief moment to congratulate myself on how I handled my fitness & health over my recent ATL vacation, and how I responded upon returning home. And also discuss challenges.


– Working out Monday and Tuesday before my trip instead of taking “the week off”, something I’d do in the past

– Working out with a short 30min cardio + strength session on Thursday morning (the only day I didn’t party all night the night before haha).

 Half Congrats / Half Challenge

– Allowing myself to vacation and really eat pretty much whatever since I’ve been so darn good! I had Cold Stones icecream. I had (half!) a piece of Macademia Cheesecake. And a whole lot of random mall food court meals. None that were outrageous, but I didn’t go for salads and I didn’t avoid fries.


– Eating well when you aren’t familiar with the area is hard. If I eat well, I want it to be GOOD FOOD. Not just some crappy food-court salad.

– Not wanting to enjoy the food native of the place I’m vacationing.  Waffle House in the house is a little hard to say “no” to.

– Getting exercise when you are exhausted from time-changes and lack of sleep.

– Getting back into the healthy routine when you come back exhausted and feel disorganized, and don’t want to be back in the routine!

Still–I thought overall I did great. Mainly because I only really missed two days of exercising, did manage to squeeze in a routine, and was well aware that this was only a small break.

The best part is. I came back home and on Monday I was far too tired to work out. But today, Tuesday…I was back on it! AND I did Monday and Tuesday’s routine to get back on track and get ready to go all out this week. Food-wise, I’m going to the store today to get lunches and snacks for the week and something not comparable to a mall food-court for dinner!

Baked Hawaiian Salmon

In Apartment Cooking on March 25, 2008 at 6:58 pm

I personally only like salmon baked or grilled with a good amount of basting to keep it moist and tasty. I love when it forms a crust and locks in all the flavor. I definitely accomplished all of that with this Baked Hawaiian Salmon. I seasoned it myself, but this was a weeknight meal, so I used the pre-made Lawry’s Hawaiian Marinade, it was delicious with the salmon!

Your responsibility to your partner…

In beauty and the biz, How to be a Princess on March 25, 2008 at 6:49 pm

I came across these points in my “Seeds of Success” newsletter from which was once my favorite magazine and apparently is no longer, but seems to have come back in some “old white man” form. Still–the content is inspiring and helpful. My original cheering on of Success Magazine can be found HERE.

Here is the part that grabbed me most:

3 Keys to Lasting Love

  1. Honor — respecting your spouse for all of his or her individual qualities as well as differences from you.
  2. Communication — speaking to one another in a way that moves conversations and conflict into deeper realms of understanding.
  3. Constant Renewal — recharging your spouse emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

The part that stood out to me and I’ve never really thought about was #3 “constant renewal”. It’s saying that we have a responsibility to our significant other to recharge them in various ways. I think this is important because it does require thought, reflection, effort, and innovative thinking. Naturally, some people are better at this that others.

But still, it really jumped out to me that this is central. Think of what happens when part of a relationship stops caring about stimulating and inspiring the other. Things become dull, boring, repetitive, uninspired…and I think most importantly, the person not being satisfied in that way can really FEEL that their significant other just doesn’t care and isn’t putting effort into rejuvenating them. And it sucks.

It’s an interesting perspective to think in…I recommend trying it.

Staying in contact in 2008.

In How to be a Princess on March 13, 2008 at 5:34 pm

Dear Friends,

It’s 2008. I have a blackberry where I get emails 24/7. I get texts, google-chat, and instant messenger (aim) on my blackberry 24/7 as well. I have a blog. I’m also on Myspace, and Facebook. I have a camera on my phone where I send messages, and a digital camera where I only upload things to the internet and never print them out–most of these pix end up on Myspace and Facebook. I’m a very digital girl living in an increasingly digital world.

For those of you who talk to me nearly daily on aim or google-chat, or texts…you know how readily available I am to gab. But when it comes to phone calls and meeting up, not quite so easy. I have actually formed several friendships with people solely because we talk so much online. I make plans like lunch, dinner, or going out to a party/club online with the people I talk to online. I have faded away with many friends who aren’t regularly online. In a way, this does me a little sad, very actually. But mostly I’m sad that they aren’t online because then I know we’d be closer, haha!

The truth is people, I’m busy. And in love. So what that means is, I work all day busily…and on the weekends busily. And during the evenings and nights, I am sitting around with hearts in my eyes. I seem to respond well to friends who say “Lana let’s do this on this day”…but regretfully, it has been hard for me to suggest many hang-out sessions myself…even tho I do want to, and love it every dang time! Oh–and I’ve also ceased going out during the weekdays when I can avoid it, so that’s less of an option. And on weekends, I try NOT to go out so I can workout on the weekends like I do during the week and be productive all day, instead of in bed and hungover. Still, I go out and go big at least once each weekend so holla!

So I just wanted to say, to all my wonderful friends–if there is any way you can submerge yourself in the technological wonders of 2008 by getting a myspace page, unlimited text messages, or an aim account–please hit me up!

And for those of you who do not, and just aren’t that into these types of digital platforms…I miss you!!!!!!!!!

I think I need to join a tech-friend club. Cuz tech-heavy friends really are quite different than non-tech heavy friends. We talk throughout the day about stupid, random, funny, frustrating moments and are the for each other. We drunk-text. We comment on myspace pix. We send pix of adorable puppies from one phone to the other. It’s great. I really prefer that kind of friendship (accompanied by the physical interaction when possible), am I weird?

Warm regards,


Lana's Workout Plan

In Shape Up...or Ship Out! on March 3, 2008 at 12:15 pm

Just to keep things consistent, I thought I should do a short update on my health goals and achievements.

I have been going to the gym, in the mornings 6days a week for over 2months now. I must say, I feel great. High-energy, good sleep, mostly good moods, and very inspired to make changes and set big goals for myself personally and professionally.

I enjoy working out in the morning. After years upon years of complaining about getting up super early ever…I have finally made peace with this. I’m convinced it’s a coming of age thing. Another important factor is that my gym is pricey and therefore luxurious. The locker room is like a spa. There is a cleaning lady constantly doing rounds. The shower room is even more like a spa. I almost enjoy getting ready there more than I do at home–the water temp is stable and the towels are like the hotel kind that dry your skin within seconds.

As far as my eating habits. I’m pretty excellent during the week. I’m ravenous after the gym and breakfast at 9am is a childhood favorite, peanut butter and honey on an english muffin (whole wheat). Then I’ve been eating yogurt around 12pm.  I pick a lunch to stick with throughout the week that is a very small portion of food, which I have at about 2/3pm. Then around 4 or 6pm I end my workday with an apple. At home, I have 5 meals that are healthy that I can choose from and make (not heat, make) in 10-30min. I still get cooking in, but it’s healthy and super quick. The most important thing is to keep my portions down so I’m sure to put far less on my plate that nF’s every time.

I did make two adjustments to my diet this week. Stopped by Ralph’s for reduced-fat peanut butter, which they don’t make at Trader Joe’s. And also got reduced-fat yogurt instead of the delicious, but fattier, greek kind I’ve been loving.

Drink-wise, I still stick with my morning Americano, lots of water, and wine instead of beer every time I can.

Weekends are kinda my free-for-all days. I enjoy unhealthy brunches, and less than healthy dinners…it’s not mandatory, but I don’t restrain myself like I do on the weekdays. However, I do still pay attention to portion size. BUT here is one of the main differences. I only allow myself to go out and go ALL out one night of the weekend. This is because on one of the mornings, I must be able to do a 30min walk and/or 40min of strength training…so I cannot be hungover or tired.

Now, I’m not telling you all of this to say that I’ve lost an extraordinary amount of weight. I’m not even sure that I have. But of course, my cloths are fitting better and sadly I’m able to purchase a lot more cute stuff from the store, which makes me happy, but makes my checkbook sad.

I’m telling you this to say that I’m happy right now. I feel healthy, dedicated, and in control. I am on my plan and I’ve made others and the world around me conform to it and I feel good about that.

Now, for my next goals…muahahahhahaha. You just wait for that updates. Be patient, cuz I have to be…but just wait.