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A balance: Being Healthy but still "Vacationing" when on vacation!

In Shape Up...or Ship Out! on March 25, 2008 at 7:10 pm

I wanted to take a brief moment to congratulate myself on how I handled my fitness & health over my recent ATL vacation, and how I responded upon returning home. And also discuss challenges.


– Working out Monday and Tuesday before my trip instead of taking “the week off”, something I’d do in the past

– Working out with a short 30min cardio + strength session on Thursday morning (the only day I didn’t party all night the night before haha).

 Half Congrats / Half Challenge

– Allowing myself to vacation and really eat pretty much whatever since I’ve been so darn good! I had Cold Stones icecream. I had (half!) a piece of Macademia Cheesecake. And a whole lot of random mall food court meals. None that were outrageous, but I didn’t go for salads and I didn’t avoid fries.


– Eating well when you aren’t familiar with the area is hard. If I eat well, I want it to be GOOD FOOD. Not just some crappy food-court salad.

– Not wanting to enjoy the food native of the place I’m vacationing.  Waffle House in the house is a little hard to say “no” to.

– Getting exercise when you are exhausted from time-changes and lack of sleep.

– Getting back into the healthy routine when you come back exhausted and feel disorganized, and don’t want to be back in the routine!

Still–I thought overall I did great. Mainly because I only really missed two days of exercising, did manage to squeeze in a routine, and was well aware that this was only a small break.

The best part is. I came back home and on Monday I was far too tired to work out. But today, Tuesday…I was back on it! AND I did Monday and Tuesday’s routine to get back on track and get ready to go all out this week. Food-wise, I’m going to the store today to get lunches and snacks for the week and something not comparable to a mall food-court for dinner!

  1. hmmm. I know you were with someone who knows the area, of course, but I wish I had shown you amateur gourmet’s recent guide to atlanta (if you hadn’t previously seen it):

    and congrats on staying pretty well on track!

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