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Can't get enuf Mexican food!

In Apartment Cooking on March 25, 2008 at 7:29 pm

I would like to note that we have discovered THE BEST Mexican trailer (aka roach coach) that serves the most amazing tacos. Recently tried the burritos, they are also heavenly. Of course this Mexican food is as close to Mexico as we can be. The focus is on the meats, the salsas are complex, and the sides of roasted onions and jalapeños and also raw onions and cilantro, and radishes–great sides! Aw they are so good…I almost want that for dinner tonight now ugh.

But onto my version of delicious Mexican food, these tacos were pretty phenom. The reason for that is my tortilla technique. It really brings out the flavor of the tortilla and melds with the ingredients inside.

It’s called frying haha. Well you don’t fully fry them until hard, just a quick dip in some several inches of canola oil and they are ready to go. I used the small round tortillas and pushed them down into the oil with a wooden spoon. The fry-bubbles were rushing up pushing the torilla up everywhere other than my spoon forming a taco shape! Let them drain a bit and stuff em up. Then eat!

  1. I am so gonna use that trick.

    I’m having a hard time being able to tell if that’s beef or carnitas. either which way, steve wandered by last night when I first clicked on your page and was like “mmm those look *good*!” 🙂

  2. ground turkey! 😛

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