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smelly people

In Shape Up...or Ship Out! on April 3, 2008 at 11:41 am

there is nothing more disgusting to me than body odor. but worse, is body odor at the gym.

it’s gross to be sweaty your self, breathing heavily, and with each heavy breath you inhale the sting of funkiness.

as a female, my sweat doesn’t exactly have much of an odor. guys–come on. we all know you stink. you may not mind it, but if there are ladies around…who aren’t your girlfriend…then you need to get a handle on that.

furthermore–wash your cloths (with Oxyclean)! you may not stink, but your cloths do.

it’s just so nasty. it makes me change cardio machines. and today i almost threw up at the stench of this old man doing sit-ups next to me.