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1. Fully Commit to Healthy Lifestyle to Get in Shape

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Well this is one I’ve talked about before. I’ve had a long journey on this blog that started before last year when I had my Personal Trainer. I’ve been working at working out since my senior year in college, which was 6yrs ago. I didn’t make much progress. Okay I didn’t actually make any progress. In May of 2008, I was only down about 10-20lbs from my highest point in college, major bummer considering there was about 50 more lbs to go! And I kept bouncing around that poundage and realized that this wasn’t getting me anywhere.

So I thought, one day, about how much effort I’d really been putting in. I planned healthy meals, and at this point I was working out daily. I’d even become a “morning person” by going to the gym daily before work. Still–in the recent 6months of major hustle, I was down about 10lbs…something was clearly wrong here.

One day I talked to my friend Jenny who lives in Chicago. She’d recently lost 15lbs in about 2-3months by “counting calories” and was super excited about it. I talked to her about it, taking mental notes. It occurred to me that if she could do this, I should be able to. It became clear that not sabotaging my efforts by letting go on the weekend was key. I tested this that very weekend by eating healthy throughout and what do you know…I lost 5lbs.

I concluded that I kept piling the weight back on each weekend after working my ass off all week.

I decided right then and there that if it were that easy, it was something I had to do. Perhaps it’s an age thing, because I never cared before…health to me now means something it didn’t mean in my mid-20’s. Being “skinny” has never been a concern of mine, but suddenly, being healthy, was.

So here I am…20lbs lighter than that very moment in time in May 2008…and 45lbs lighter than my highest point. I’m still very shocked (and so HAPPY), I can run a mile straight, hike all of Runyon, and have so many options when shopping.

ok i'm back again…trying to be, at least!

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MAN has it been a long time since I’ve posted. Not to mention my last few posts that I’ve left lingering here are kinda not great. It’s interesting I still receive steady traffic, that’s pretty cool.

I’ve had the intention of writing something for 3 months. I haven’t written anything in the past 3 months. What happened 3 months ago you might ask yourself and myself?

Four major things happened within a single week, that’s what.

  1. I decided to fully commit to living a healthy lifestyle to finally get back in shape.
  2. To do that, I decided to stop partying like a madwoman all the time or ever actually.
  3. I turned 28 years old and really felt like a “28 year old” after having felt “23” for the past 5yrs.
  4. With this newfound clear-head that occurs when you stop drinking, get older, and live healthier, I realized it was time to quit my job.

All of those things played an integral part in the lifestyle and mindset that resulted and continued over the 3 months that followed. I pretty much had a major transition. It was intense. One day I woke up from it all, and was officially back to my old self, but as a new and improved version of that self.

For the next few entries, I will be discussing points 1-4. I have some things to say about them.