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What I Learn From the People Around Me:

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2008 at 9:15 pm

Don’t overthink situations that don’t deserve too much thought.

Share what I prefer, like, or want.

Don’t expect too much from someone…or too little.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Do sweat toxic energy.

People who are not focused on you are more obvious than they know.


It really is so much more fun to not go to the ladies room alone.

I’m usually the least nice person when talking to a random dude.

People are amazing, connecting for a moment or night is awesome.

Believe in my intuition.

Asking for advice always makes me feel better.

Passing money around between friends ain’t no thang.

Smile is contagious and will really end up making me feel better.

Don’t let people push you around.

Think 10000000 trillion better than you ever have.

Talking about others is a waste of time.


The outside truly is irrelevant because with real connections you only see the inside.

Don’t be mean to random guys.

Going out without drinking really is not fun.

Women must stick together.

Loser guys can be gotten over.

It’s okay to not go.

I can do whatever I most want to do.

What about you?

2. Stop partying like a madwoman all the time

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2008 at 9:29 am

This has got to be the most major change in my lifestyle, for anyone that’s known me since I was 15 haha. I’ve always been social and have included drinking as the vehicle, the means, and the ends to my nights out.

I have just recently realized–not realized, admitted to myself–that I am one of those all or nothing people when it comes to going out and drinking. It’s VERY hard for me to just have one. Or to go home after just a few when my friends are still going strong. I have no desire to stop or to hold back. I want to go as hard as I can every time to make the most fun night possible. I envy those who can go out and have just one cocktail and then call it a night at 11pm on a Saturday. I just don’t have that will-power right now. I never have. Maybe in a few years I will.

Living in Los Angeles, the culture here is a nightlife culture. From industry events to great parties every single night of the week, it’s easy to get caught up in that lifestyle. Working at a music magazine with free, VIP access to most places I’d actually want to go to further added to the fun. Not to mention a musician boyfriend, music and entertainment industry friends, and an addiction to live concerts and music festivals.

One wake-up call was that I realized how much money I was spending. And that it was an unpredictable factor in my budget. Who knew what there would be to do on a given weekend, how many $20 valets in Hollywood I’d need to park my car at or $12 drinks I’d purchase. Not to mention the pre-partying and after-partying costs.

I was also bored with it. Going out is essentially the exact same thing at a different place on a different night with slightly different people every single time. It doesn’t look like that if you’re caught up in it and enjoying the lifestyle. I’m not sitting on a thrown preaching here. I did this for a solid 9 years…I think I’ve earned the ability to reflect on why it’s not for me anymore. I’ve also got an amazing boyfriend who LOVE spending time with doing anything and everything…in the past I sorta used going out as a way to escape other areas of my life I was dissatisfied with. And that’s getting really deep and personal. For those who still love the party lifestyle it’s as simple as being attractive because it’s fun, adventurous, and makes for a great photo album. And if you’re single your odds of getting lucky increase if you’re out at clubs.

But the most intense pressure for me to change (coming from myself) was my dissatisfaction with how my weekend and precious time was being spent. Let me paint a picture of what my weekends looked like back then: Friday night super excited to get my party on. Go out until 3am or sometimes 6am. Sleep all day the next day feeling like crap. At some point either on Fri night or on Sat eat crappy, greasy, unhealthy food to soothe my hangover. Saturday either do it again. Or not. Try to jam everything into Sunday (errands, personal needs, visits with fam or friends, etc). On Sunday, since I’m no 28, I’d still feel more like 60% than 100% and 60% is cutting it anymore. I strongly agree with the literature I’ve read stating that lack of sleep, or irregular sleep lends to unhealthy eating.

What I discovered was happening was that any work I did all week, working out, eating healthy, etc went out the door really fast after several+ drinks and crappy hangover food. If I lost 2lbs that week, I gained 2lbs back on the weekend. I was getting nowhere fast with all my hard work. I’d lost maybe 10lbs in 5months and from all the weightloss knowledge I had, I knew I was doing something wrong. Plus it became obvious to me that people trying to make a major change didn’t actually partake in boozing it up all the time. (105lb Hollywood females w/ eating disorders not included).

So I decided to cultivate the kind of weekend that would allow all my hardwork to take root. It was a simple decision when looking at the goal and figuring out the commitment it will take to get there. Now my weekends include cozy nights in or sexy nights out (minus the partylife). I get to bed at a descent hour, I wake up early and get stuff done. I feel great all weekend, I eat healthy, I get workouts in, and I begin the week feeling relaxed, productive, and accomplished. Making this change has allowed me to double my weightloss results!

This change has affected every inch of my mind and body. Now don’t get me wrong, I have gone out a handful of times this summer, drank, and had tons of fun. But I felt like crap the next day and after a few times was over it again. I do plan have modest celebrations for bdays, anniversaries, and holidays…but my tolerance is so low now that a glass of wine or two is all I’d need. I’m currently on lockdown until NYE 2009, when I will party with the best of them.