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I was proposed to on Christmas Morning!!

In Adventures with NF (BabyDaddy) on January 5, 2009 at 6:04 pm

Well well well…the moment has finally happened. Miss “I don’t think marriage makes a difference in a relationship”…Miss “marriage freaks me out bc everyone I know has gotten a divorce by their mid/late age”…Miss “no rush”…is officially going to be MRS. Lana Perry!!!

I couldn’t be more excited about it, and to be honest…all of my fears and thoughts about why I didn’t think marriage mattered have vanished. Becoming pregnant has shed a whole new light on myself, my man, and our relationship! We are truly partners–not just a girlfriend and boyfriend–everything has shifted, and apparently, we like it!

I must admit…I’ve known he was “the one” since the day I met him. From the moment I saw him, I wanted him forever. Once I got to know him, it just solidified it. We are truly soulmates, best friends, lovers, creative partners, spirtual partners, and parents! It’s a great combination. I’ve doodled “Lana Perry” a million times, complete with hearts.

He proposed to me in a way that is very uniquely *him*…it would almost be what I would have guessed he would do, even though I was COMPLETELY shocked! After looking at my Xmas gift (along with a pen), and following a romantic letter to me, there was an envelope. In that envelope was a piece of paper that said “Will You Marry Me? (Check Yes or No)”. It was adorable and I loved it because like I said, it’s very *him* to propose in this way hehe. This was one of maybe 3 moments in my life where I’ve truly been speechless, other than yelling YES–that much I could handle.

“The Big Day” will go down in 2010…post baby’s birth…and post baby fat 🙂

This isnt my ring, but I love it. Ive got my diamond promise ring from last xmas holding me over for now ;)

This isn't my ring, but I love it. I've got my diamond promise ring from last xmas holding me over for now 😉

  1. lanaperry.

    HA. Perfect. 🙂

    And all that you said about being partners, yes, yes, yes!

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