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Going to friend's babyshower while pregnant myself…

In I'm a Baby Mama!, me! me! me! on February 16, 2009 at 10:17 am

I really college roomie’s baby shower on Sunday. I got to see the girls–the four of us were roommates, met in the dorms, good friends, worked together at Trader Joe’s, etc. And it was male and female so there was lots of drinks and very little games haha. I totally enjoyed myself!

However, I must say–it was really bizzare to be there and be pregnant at someone else’s shower. The reasoning is this, let’s see if you can crawl up into my mind and dip down into my heart… One of the joys of pregnancy is sharing it with your friends! It’s a really joyous situation. I’m so used to seeing my dear friends and it’s always a mini celebration–one gets a certain amount of attention when pregnant, and I like it because it’s not really ME as the center of attention, but rather it’s my baby and she deserves it!

So to be somewhere, seeing friends I’ve known for 10yrs yet haven’t seen in nearly a year, and feel the need to downplay my prenancy and excitement…is strange. I felt the need to do that because clearly it wasn’t my shower, the day will come when it is my shower, and also there wasn’t excitement being generated for my baby anyway. Most likely no one really knew I was pregnant and just thought my body is really shaped like this (how sad!) I felt a bit left out. Kinda second rate. I will definitely learn from this and keep it in mind if I ever have a pregnant friend at my shower, because it really is so special.

You know what it’s like? (And I’ve been in this situation a million times also). Your bday is June 11th, your friends’ is June 9th. Her party is on June 10th, yet there is no shared celebration–it’s only really her part and no one else there really knows it’s your bday at midnight. That is why I am a big fan and proponant of the joint-bday celebration…or at least making a major announcement, giving them a sparkly hat too or something. Or perhaps I look after the feelings of others too much, or more than the average human.

Note: The expecting parents, and party hostess did do a wonderful job of acknowledging my pregnancy. This post is more of what went on in MY (vulnerable, emotional, hormonal) head.

ok i'm back again…trying to be, at least!

In beauty and the biz, How to be a Princess, me! me! me!, Shape Up...or Ship Out! on September 8, 2008 at 9:17 pm

MAN has it been a long time since I’ve posted. Not to mention my last few posts that I’ve left lingering here are kinda not great. It’s interesting I still receive steady traffic, that’s pretty cool.

I’ve had the intention of writing something for 3 months. I haven’t written anything in the past 3 months. What happened 3 months ago you might ask yourself and myself?

Four major things happened within a single week, that’s what.

  1. I decided to fully commit to living a healthy lifestyle to finally get back in shape.
  2. To do that, I decided to stop partying like a madwoman all the time or ever actually.
  3. I turned 28 years old and really felt like a “28 year old” after having felt “23” for the past 5yrs.
  4. With this newfound clear-head that occurs when you stop drinking, get older, and live healthier, I realized it was time to quit my job.

All of those things played an integral part in the lifestyle and mindset that resulted and continued over the 3 months that followed. I pretty much had a major transition. It was intense. One day I woke up from it all, and was officially back to my old self, but as a new and improved version of that self.

For the next few entries, I will be discussing points 1-4. I have some things to say about them.

I'm back…to brag

In me! me! me! on May 29, 2008 at 7:40 pm

Okay wow I definitely have been MIA! The honest truth is that being *healthy* aka gym 5 days a week and planning my eating, has taken a LOT of my focus. Time yes, but the focus I’ve had to put on that has been huge.

Regardless, I’m back…mainly because I went to my first gifting “suite” aka event ever. It was Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge at this enormous Bel Aire mansion! Definitely the hugest house I’ve ever been that close to ever. Views of the city were beautiful and there were swans in the fountain. Celeb sitings included: Shannon Elizabeth, Christina Milian, and “Loyde” from Entourage 🙂

Here’s a shot of the mansion and the loot I brought home! Lingerie, clothing, body + skin care, accessories, jewelry, tea, stationary, and *ahem* a toy.

I am so happy to have had the opportunity because I was in need of retail therapy and doing that today let me avoid blowing my paycheck tomorrow. Thank you Kari Feinstein.

waiting for delivered food SUCKS

In me! me! me! on October 10, 2007 at 3:17 pm

it’s the most horrible feeling in the world.

you waited until you were starving to order food at 1:45pm.

still…at 2:45pm, no food!

you call…and they say 10min.

still nothing.

you call again and have to bitch and moan to get ur food.

you want to tell them to fukk off and keep their food and get ur money back.

but you’re HUNGRY!

i’m still waiting. it’s 3:17pm.


what i'm up to

In me! me! me! on October 7, 2007 at 2:36 pm

i always forget about those Santa Ana winds from the Santa Ana Mountain range that will blow warm dry air into the Los Angeles. it’s damn 85 degrees here today! super hot actually. here i am in Starbucks at the grove…got my usual combo of cold and hot to keep up with my ever-changing body temperature. a venti ice water and a double tall pumpkin spiced latte.

this weekend was LONG. long and intense. on Friday i went to the Airliner downtown to watch Nobody Famous perform…he is SO GOOD! wow. i can now see why the Athens, GA crowd took a loving to him so quickly. he was such a natural up on stage, totally flawless in his performance, he sounded great, his set was put together so well…he sticks out so much from all the other hip hop mc’s! vanessa came up to, so after NF was done…we went to FireCracker’s 9yr Anniversary, which was an indoor/outdoor party…SO FUN! the music they were playing was super jazzy mixed with some various world beats and of course some classics, as well as a great taste of soul! we danced the night away! then went to clarissa’s where we afterpartied for a few hours or something. ended up leaving there around 4pm, went to DelTaco, came home and grubbed, then finally in bed around 5am!

Saturday we were lazzzzzzy a majority of the day. then that night was URB Magazine’s 150th Issue Preview Party which was a private party at TheStandard downtown. the party was a success as we maxed out capacity and had a crowd of people having a great time enjoying the music of Justice, the Cool Kids, and more. then me and NF came back home and had some QT.

Today i’m at Starbucks, need to get some work down on a few things, so i basically subscribed to T-Mobile Hotspot so that i can get out of my apt and really get some work done. i function much better in coffee shops than battling with the 8million distractions at home, namely FoodNetwork and cookbooks.

tonight is going to be a memorable Sunday dinner: Fried Chicken (NF hasn’t had it in far too long), Cajun Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Spinach…all made with large amounts of love!

k, off to work!

yaz birth control…the first 3 months

In me! me! me! on October 4, 2007 at 8:54 am

okay…i’ve been on yaz now for three months and just went in to have a follow-up visit with my doctor where she prescribed me a prescription.

here is a description of what occurred for me on this pill, the negatives:

month 1 – spotting the entire month, mildly annoying

month 2 – way more break-outs than i am used to, i was very upset about this…very. no more spotting.

month 3 – first two month side-effects disappeared, generally more cramping…including throughout the month, otherwise normal!

the positive – so far i really like this pill. the main reason i switched is that my moods in the first two weeks prior to getting my period were ridiculously unbearable.

one month, my previous pill…the famed OrthoTriCyclene Low kept me home from work one day just because i was “depressed” (i don’t have depression problems normally). then the month after that, i was in this uncontrollably horrible mood. i nearly ruined a relationship i had recently started and it took me weeks regain his trust that i’m not a psycho bitch.

i knew i had to make some kind of change to the hormones i was taking in each month. the doctor said that this is because Ortho’s strength changes throughout the cycle, as indicated by the changing color of the pills in the pack. so to increase hormones, the doctor said i can either a) take another kind of pill non-stop, b) wear a hormone patch for two weeks on my Ortho pill, c) look into mood-drugs which is the least desired option, d) switch to Yaz.

i’m happy i did! good luck with it, if you’re considering switching, especially for the reasons i had…i def recommend it…and my face has cleared up back to normal!

my korean market

In How to be a Princess, me! me! me! on September 29, 2007 at 1:14 pm

the korean market down the street, like walking distance, is the shyt! it’s a large market with a large produce section.

the produce section has great prices on all kinds of produce, stuff i didn’t even know existed. you know how asians like to use green onions and scallions in their cooking? well this place has SIX varieties of the vegetable. amazing!

then the meat section…the best thing about asian markets is their meat is prepared so that it’s totally ready for use. the cuts are great, they are often sliced thin and cut into strips or cubes, or just great larger whole cuts.

the fish omg. it’s like straight off the boat–a fish monger clearly just brings stuff directly there. i now have to cook whole fish, just because they have them there…tons of varieties of whole fish and fresh shrimp with the heads still on. then of course–all the grade A sushi cuts, MM!

the asian candy is an exciting aisle, because the packaging is so cute and fun. and the tastes are all a little different but really good.

they’ve got a great fresh/packaged foods section, and several little mini-restaurants where people order food to go or sit and eat.

not only was the experience fun, but i will be back–that produce and meat cannot be beat! my two favorite grocery shopping loves: korean market with green awning, and the grove’s farmers market. mmm. (whole foods is great too, i just don’t go there often.

my neighbor is Brett Favre's cousin

In me! me! me! on September 28, 2007 at 2:40 pm

well, actually…he’s the Property Manager at my apt complex, who lives a few doors down from me. his name is Jeff. Jeff Favre. jokingly, i think it may have been my mom or NF who asked him if he was related to Brett for the AWESOME Green Bay Packers. and he said yes, it’s his cousin. cool huh!


picking out my hair – how i win the battle

In me! me! me! on September 28, 2007 at 7:55 am

my hair is curly, pretty tight curls, with a very very thick head of hair that is past my chin. the hair individually are quite fine tho, which i like…i got that from my momma.

when i was little it was a battle to pick out my hair. and i inevitably have to have my hair picked out unless i want to grow dreads, or one big flattened nap (i say that cuz when i was little, my hair was a fro).

i HATED when i had to pick my hair out, my mom would do it. she would sit on the chair in the living room and i would sit on the floor, tv on, tears and wining in FULL affect! man that hurt so bad.

and today, i have to pick my longer hair out every few weeks or so, which really only takes about 15minutes tops, but i totally procrastinate it. to think that when i was little, my hair was shorter, so it couldn’t have even taken that long…but the pain was excruciating on my little sensitive scalp for what seemed like hours.

the secret weapon to make the pain easier and the process quicker? Frizz-Ease Hair Serum. it’s magic.

Fashionably Kate, if you don’t already use this, I highly recommend it (you have hair kinda like me hehe)

the way i stopped biting my nails

In How to be a Princess, me! me! me! on September 27, 2007 at 11:29 pm

i had bit my nails since i had teeth. but a few years ago, i stopped cold turkey, finally. here’s how:

1. i got fake nails cuz i was sick of the stubbiness

2. i saw how fab they looked all the time

3. i got annoyed by the upkeep, including time and cost

4. i didn’t like how obviously fake they looked

5. i stopped wearing fake nails

6. my nails were weak and shitty and all i wanted was long pretty nails, or at least healthy

7. i had to let them get their health back, thicken up, and grow–which i certainly couldn’t do by biting them

8. soon my nails were longer and stronger and i loved them

9. i never bit them again because i don’t want to deal with the upkeep, yet i want nice nails.

so simple! (btw my nails are nothing special, but they aren’t stubby)

my best kept secrets: obsessive filing, lotion, buffing