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a sinfully delicious breakfast

In Apartment Cooking, Restaurants You Should Try on January 23, 2008 at 5:24 pm

omg you guys. this place on LaBrea/2nd in L.A. by the EZ Lube where i was waiting to get my oil changed has the most delicious breakfast spot. it’s an italian style breakfast spot and i decided (it was xmas eve) to get something tragically unhealthy for breakfast. something sweet, pillowy, and creamy.

here’s what the waiter came back with…

Strawberry & Mascarpone French Toast

dinner, a movie, queens, and vip valet

In How to be a Princess, me! me! me!, Restaurants You Should Try on July 3, 2007 at 11:40 am

the plan was dinner and a movie at The Grove….

this is where i divuldge two things you need to do:

1) go see Ratatouille!!! it’s SOOOOO GOOOOODDDDD!!!! and i’m not just saying that because i want to be a “lil chef”…but it’s a fast-moving, heart-warming, laughter-inciting, dream-inspiring film. every show has been sold out. the audience was mostly adults and kids laughing hysterically at some parts (so cute). Pixar KILLED IT…the texture and movement of various elements were sick.

2) go to a conveyer belt sushi bar restaurant!!!! my new favorite is Kado at the Grove! delicious sushi comes prancing down the conveyer belt, you eye it up, and snatch up what you want. they price by plate. 7days a week from 11-4 is $20 all you can eat there! MUST go back for this. the sake and beer prices are reasonable also. the pic below shows the scene you can expect at a converyer sushi restaurant, but this isn’t Kado.

my highlights:

<>1) after taking our sweet time drinking shot after shot of sake, we were a litttttttle late getting into the theater. the place was packed, there are “saved” seats everywhere. it was an each-man-for-himself seat-finding situation. and i was determined to come out on top. i was not going to be separated from my partner in crime, NF. up in the top section stadium seating…nothin. i was looking down on the bottom section, standing behind the topmost row of that section. and there i see about 6 seats and two people. i asked a nice lady if she had room, she said she was taking up two extra seats. then i see this guy a few down from her and ask him, he says he needs on seat. perfect! cuz there is room for either of them to scoot and give two together. i ask the guy a few down from the first guy if he is saving and he says no…but then his friend says she just got a text from a friend who scalped a ticket outside and is coming in, they think but aren’t sure. and i was asking the first guy, okay can you move down please. and he’s like well my friend is really picky, he needs to sit near the middle. and i’m like–okay so move the other way. and he’s like, well those other people just said they have a third person so there’s no room…like why is he coming to their defense…and i look at the other guy he’s talking about with the friend coming and he’s not even gonna fight me on it. and i look back at the first guy…and i’m like okay these are the only two seats left together, those guys don’t even care, so please move down. and he’s like scoffing and annoyed. and so i just walk around into the aisle and sit down, two seats. HA! i’m just happy the guy didn’t take it any further…it was about to be a bitch-fight. and queens are REALLY challenging in a bitch-fight. however, i had enuf sake’s in me…no doubt i woulda got my way.2). after the amazing dinner, and the amazing movie…we made our way to valet (that shyt was EXPENSIVE, wow…but i like their valet cuz the waiting area is a little living room in the parking structure and there is a red carpet laid out for me). so i approach the cashier before, and i notice…is that my car? sitting there waiting for me with the door open?cuz i hadn’t even paid or gave my ticket to anyone! i thought someone was about to steal it, so i was kinda freakin out waiting on the slow ass valet cashier to give me attention so i could ask. i started to calm down and realize that this is actually a good thing cuz now i don’t have to wait, and i felt like a celeb. i asked the valet cashier why it was waiting for me, and he said that David Spade was here and had the same car, so they brought it out on accident. so then i felt special and told him that i’m a celebrity too, and he said that yes i am.

good times!

Pinkberry…a Korean frozen treat goes Starbux

In Restaurants You Should Try on June 24, 2007 at 7:34 pm

if you live in the GreaterL.A. area, you have HAD to have come across a Pinkberry. you know–that super trendy looking shop with the coolkids on the block inside cooling down with some FroYo. there is almost one in every neighborhood of L.A.; Beverly Hills new opening is Pinkberry’s 20th store! there also already a handful in NYC.

now don’t get me wrong. Pinkberry’s is DAMN good. it has a cool atmosphere, nice and clean…and some good topping choices. and it just LOOKS hip…props on the marketing and branding.


however, just so you are aware…there are a ton of these delicious frozen-yogurt-in-a-cup-with-toppings places that were already in place and are seriously better than Pinkberry. there are zillions in Koreatown.

i noticed these before the Pinkberry craze recently exploded. and then i noticed more and more non-Pinkberry FroYo joints popping up since the birth of Pinkberry, probably to compete with the viral erections of Pinkberry on every corner (almost, k not really) in desparation, competitors are naming these new FroYo stores a only few letters different than the dominator, with names like “Snowberry” and “Kiwiberry”. its kinda sad really.

i mean its cool that the Korean/Korean-American Pinkberry owners took the idea and made it more accessible to people who hadn’t tried this treat before…but i hope that people also try the original store version and support the ma&pa establishments too.

my personal favorite is “I Love Boba” which serves up “LovYogurt”. its in K-town by Western & 4th in L.A. i just got some today. so the moral is…go to Pinkberry, but try the shops with less bling as well, make your own judgements instead of just buying into the store with better marketing. (this coming from someone who gets her daily Americano only from Starbux and CoffeeBean and never a ma&pa coffee shop).




MMMMM!!!!!! better, i promise…

ya like meat?

In How to be a Princess, Restaurants You Should Try on June 12, 2007 at 9:09 pm

then you absolutely must go to Fogo de Chao!!!!! and lucky for you they have locations in about 10 spots around the country. its Brazilian Churrasco style, this means servers aka gauchos prancing around the place slicing and sliding chunks of 16 different kinds of meat onto your plate as many times and as long as you can possible stand yet? yes yes yes!!! yesss!! the salad bar is also amazing. its pretty damn expensive, but it is all you can eat, the service is the way a princess SHOULD eat every meal…perfect for the bday dinner, 2nd year in a row…mmmm!!!!

"If I had wings i could flyyyy, let me compensate"

In Restaurants You Should Try on June 3, 2007 at 10:16 pm

have you tried this delectable delivery discovery yet? surely you’ve heard of it.

Wingstreet by and in association with PizzaHut is by far my favorite delivery item. i feel like there is less carbs than the wheel of dough most people order from PizzaHut so its a good alternative to a carb-addict like myself (that way i can just have like one piece of pizza and feast on wings the rest of the time)

my favorites are below, i get mine all “bone-out” so its like a chicken nugget, and get ranch dipping sauce:

  • Honey BBQ (so sweet and tasty omg)

  • Medium Buffalo (i can handle the spiciest of the spicy, but the Hot just gets intolerable after awhile)

  • Garlic Parmesan (these are just so perfect, garlicky and kinda salty, so bomb!)

Solution to BBQ Dilemma

In Apartment Cooking, Restaurants You Should Try on May 29, 2007 at 11:25 am

this is a follow up on the post below.

the longer i waited to jump into action, the futher away the cooking option seemed like a good one. ended up driving to Mr. Cecil’s Ribs on the Westside (L.A.). we attemped to go to Phillips, and JR’s which were supposed to be real good too, but Mr. Cecil’s did the trick juuust fine!

between two people we devoured: hot link sandwhich, bbq beef sandwich, hush puppies, coleslaw, and grilled corn on the cob. yum!