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out with Nanny's…what rich folks need are Manny's!

In beauty and the biz, Urban Princess Dictionary on January 14, 2008 at 5:32 pm

i would go in to a long extensive essay on this thesis…and in fact, i most likely will elaborate on this for an article.

but this occurred to me the other day. it’s quite simple. we all know rich husbands and wives rely on their nanny’s to care for their kids day in and day out while they shop and go to the spa and whatnot. and of course, as i learned in the book Nanny Diaries, there are different degrees of being a Nanny. and what i’m referring to here are those that have 24/7 nannies.

without discounting the unique love that only a female can offer a child (better yet a mother lol), i will argue that the female nanny really isn’t what is needed. i think the family unit undergoes more trauma by lacking the father-figure who is off galavanting around the world on business trips and mistress trips. it results in boys who never learn how to be a man, and girls who never come to know the kind of unconditional love and support they should look for in a partner.

so out with the nannies…let’s get these rich, bratty kids equipped with their very own Manny! haha.


In How to be a Princess, Urban Princess Dictionary on July 31, 2007 at 6:53 pm

for me…vulnerability is when you allow someone to see beyond your hard exterior shell…and into the soft, meaty, easily prodded part underneathe.

i have learned a lot on this subject recently, as i have opened up to friends and ex-coworkers.

some people are so closed up in every area that only (lots of) time and trust will let you get in deeper, and you may never get there. others let it all hang out for others to see, but may still be hiding things. some people have come to terms with their vulnerable areas.

for me…i think i am very vulnerable in love and relationships, but tend to be more closed off to two areas: friendships, workplace

i have learned that with friends, especially girlfriends, it’s okay to appear as if i don’t have it all together. being strong and confident only runs so far…because there are many areas i’m still learning in. whether it’s in my lovelife, careerlife, or just life…it’s okay to admit my fears and faults…its makes me appear to be human and will help others relate to me. i love to give out advice, but i have learned that by opening up to people…they have a lot of wonderful advice to give as well and it’s really helped me to learn about myself. it’s a two-way street, and as i grow older…i realize how important sisterly girlfriendship really are. from the older and wiser to the younger and just damn wise…it’s good for the heart and soul.

i’m not going to go into this on a public blog because i can’t really do so with out getting into the nitty-gritty, and i’ve heard of people being fired because of content they blog about, so i will digress.

i will say this tho. i have learned to make sure coworkers know when i go to bat for the team, instead of just kinda leaving them out of the entire conversation after they have brought it up to me…whether any change takes place or not. i am a woman of the people for sure. sometimes my empathy for human well-being is a fault in a corporate environment, but it’s a trait i never want to lose and was shocked to realized it doesn’t come accross to people at all in the workplace. at the suggestion of an ex-coworker, i’ve started to follow thru with people when i step up with their voice in mind. and the results have been really positive for all parties 🙂

also, it’s been brought to my attention…once in a very mean unhelpful bitter way, and again in a very kind helpful supportive way, that i have obtained a sort of an “ice queen” personality at work. well let me tell you, going thru a break-up while working with (and managing) the person you are breaking up with, is probably one of the top 2 hardest things i’ve ever been thru…possibly even the hardest ever. i definitley closed up on everyone, and wanted everything close to me in my life at that time to be as far away as possible. i didn’t want anyone’s nose in my personal life, i felt misunderstood but wasn’t emotionally ready to make or let anyone understand. now that i have been able to take a deep breath and get my space…i’m trying to let my bright, private-life colors shine thru while i’m in the workplace. it’s a challenge daily. i definitely still feel very pastel.

and the rest of the stuff i can’t get into because i need to pay rent next month, and that kinda public talk isn’t my style 😉

point is…let people in sometimes, you may be shocked to find out how much it can end up benefitting you, the other person, and the situation.

even this post right here was a biggie for me, months and even weeks ago…i never would have wrote this.

27yrs old…and still learning by the hour…


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people always say…”i have to house sit this weekend”, or “i’m housesitting for so-and-so this weekend so i can’t do this-or-that”. i’ve always wondered, as has NF, what exactly is “housesitting”…why does it prevent people from plans. and furthermore…why don’t people just get timer lights and an alarm?

i have finally found the answer to this.

these people aren’t housesitting. they are PETsitting. it seems the homeowners have pets there and they need people at their home to care for their pet by letting them in and out, feeding, brushing, smooching, walking, whatever they require.

so if you guys could all clear up the confusion the confusion for the rest of the world, and just call it what it is: “petsitting”, that would be fabulous!


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let me clarify something about internships. as the Internship Program Director (i gave myself that title), at URB Magazine, i feel i am qualified to speak on this subject. here are some things to consider if you are, or want to be an intern:

1. if you are looking for an internship in those hard-to-get-your-foot-in-the-door industries where you usually have to know someone to get a job, you are probably not going to get paid

2. most internships are not going to gaurantee a spot at the company you are working with. while its important to make it known you’d like to work there and talk to your mentor about what types of things they look for in assistants…talking constantly about how you want to be hired is annoying
3. beyond that, you will want to pray that the timing is good and that there is an opening for you.

4. ask for a general referral letter from your mentor at the end or during your internship…after you’ve been there for at least 4-6months

5. there is a big difference between an intern who works really hard, and one who acts like they are in high school home room. just like we can tell the difference between those who “get it” and those who clearly do not.

6. you are an intern–therefore, you are not too good to get coffee, lunch for the entire office, make copies, and fax stuff

7. many companies just want you there for free labor…you have to be smart enough to make this experience a major resume builder for you…then everyone is happy

8. if you just graduated college and you are trying to get a job, but you have no real office experience or any experienc relevent to the dept you are trying to get in–you need an internship. if you are trying to switch career paths–you need an internship

9. if you are a recent grad or still in college…the main thing you should be paying attention to is: how an office runs, observe how people interact, how hierarchy and seniority play out, whether you like the more formal or casual environemnt, and start to determine the kind of work you want to be

10. if there are meetings you can sit in on, do that. if there are afterwork events or mixers you can attend, do that.

11. smile, be willing to learn, ask questions, if you run out of work ask for more, don’t talk on your cell phone in the office, don’t ask before you run to the restroom, and don’t let anyone catch you on myspace for facebook

here is a website the publisher of URB shared with us today, it’s the Mentos Intern…he apparently…does stuff. look at it, he’s “off” now, but check it out during their office’s business hours…its entertaining.

good luck interns!

"Budweiser vs every other kind of beer"

In Urban Princess Dictionary on July 5, 2007 at 12:44 am

budweiser makes me feel weird, i’ve decided. after like 1-2, it makes me feel too drunk in the head. like basically it makes me “buzzed and stupid and want to fall asleep”.

this is way different than: “buzzed and witty and want to talk” and “buzzed and happy and want to have fun”. it makes me feel stuck. kinda like marijuana. i definitely am not as full-of-life as these girls…

i’ve decided no more budweiser for me. pass the chard.

speaking of wine. i’ve been slacking on my wine drinking. i love reds, and in the summer heat…sipping on a warm red seems silly. i need to find some good chardonnays and sauvignon blancs bc the beer calories probably aren’t gonna jive with the personal trainer.

hope everyone had a good 4th, details on the festive cuisine will follow…

"Getting in Shape"

In Urban Princess Dictionary on July 3, 2007 at 12:19 pm

my definition of getting in shape is NOT attempting to be skinny ass Hollywood chick. eff that! not only does it seem like a miserable existance filled with low self-esteem, and obsessive tendencies, but it’s just not me! and i’m not jealous…i actually really enjoy my big boobies and booty.

my definition of getting in shape means acheiving the best version of my body in a way i can actually maintain (healthily). it means keeping these extreme curves. it means toning and tightening…not eliminating.
so don’t worry–i’m not trying to “get skinny” i’m going for health and long term success. surely i will lose weight in this process, but my focus is more on the things my trainer measures such as body fat, resting heartrate, active heartrate, and strength.

DISCLAIMER: if you are a naturally thin girl, i’m not talking shyt. thin is beautiful too in a different way. point is, be healthy…don’t try to be something you’re not. don’t tarnish your mind & soul for your body…they are all equally as important.

quote that inspires me: “Where I come from, we’d push girls like Beyonce down the stairs to get to a female like Jennifer Hudson!” – Chris Rock, US Weekly

if you don’t know, Beyonce is a superstar singing and acting sensation. and Jennifer Hudson is a more sensational singer and actor! here are pix of them for your reference:


In Urban Princess Dictionary on June 30, 2007 at 12:33 pm

my girl and ex-roomie posted a myspace bulletin saying she LOVES court and was all happy about the trial she had. i asked her what happened and here is what she replied.

“haha…i had to take my old roomie to court! he put a frozen package of fish between my mattress & box spring-it was there for over a month and got gross and liquidy. Soaked up into my mattress and ruined….so i took him to small claims- its only $720 but it’ll pay for my mattress! That douchebag… ”

this would ONLY happen to my girl brookie…i was her roommate for a few years, why didn’t i think of that…(j/p, luv u brookie!)

ahh…this explains EVERYTHING!

In Urban Princess Dictionary on June 25, 2007 at 3:41 pm

have you seen this, “The Ladder Theory“? its presented in an easy-to-read format. have a look-see!

it explains lots of interesting phenomenons…like why guys want to bang every girl, why you are in the “friend zone”, why a woman will get cheated on and not leave her doggish husband, etc. you should read this, if you’re into psychobabble…which i am.

morals of The Ladder Theory:

  1. attractive woman mainly want attractive men with high potential for money and power
  2. men mainly want attractive women who will most likely put out quickly
  3. if you are in the friend zone…its because altho you may be attractive and successful, this woman can most likely find someone higher up on her ladder than you
  4. after you break up with someone, you are looking for someone higher up on your ladder than they were

      if you don’t know what i’m talking about, go to the website!

      my personal thoughts are that yes…it does depict both sexes in a very shallow, generalized way–however when you really think about it, its the lifeline of the Survival of the Fittest Theory. both men and women are on a animilistic hunt for the best mate to produce and raise the best offspring…this often means MONEY (women want) and GOOD LOOKS (men and women want)!

      but i will say this…and this is important so listen up. GO FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE ON A SIMILAR LADDER RUNG. OR YOU WILL EITHER BE HARD TO FIND A MATE…OR YOU WILL LIKELY BE BURNT BY THEM (or burning them) AT SOME POINT.


      In How to be a Princess, Urban Princess Dictionary on June 22, 2007 at 11:10 am

      okay HERE is a much better definition of an Urban Princess than the shitty one i talk about a few posts down, bastards.

      this definintion is taken from the Principessa beauty product line…

      Signs you are an Urban Princess . . .

    1. You’re a girly girl, a bambina – feminine, whimsical, fun, and flirtatious – with attitude.
    2. You’re a real cattiva (naughty) diva, and you know you’re worth it.
    3. You know what you want, and go after it.
    4. You pamper yourself without feeling guilty.
    5. You love anything that makes you feel beautiful, especially beauty products that make your skin creamy soft.
    6. You have big, sweet dreams.
    7. You love the good things in life – luxury and indulgence. The bottom line is you have to follow your dreams, life is too short not to.

      i’m going to say hello to the designer so she is aware that there is another self-proclaimed Urban Princess in the world, i’m sure we would get along beautifully (there is room for more than on in the world.)

      i definitely need that “Bambina Bubbles Cream Bath”!!!

      what a crock of shyt

      In How to be a Princess, Urban Princess Dictionary on June 21, 2007 at 10:45 am

      i actually really like the Urban Dictionary website. i’m not embarassed to admit that i have gone on this site to learn the deeper meaning of the slang i hear at work, on the street, and in songs (i grew up in GreenBay, WI…what do ya want?).

      however…i was VERY displeased to find their definition for an “urban princess“…not cool, not cool at all. i will admit, if our powers were used for the malice…then yes it may lend to their definition. but ima try to update their site…

      for MY definition, click on the upper right hand link if you haven’t already. THAT is an urban princess biotch.