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Lana Elizabethjust wanted to say hi to my readers, I’m Lana Perry (formerly Lana Burrows)…nice to have your eyeballs fixed on this blog for a few moments before you spring off to another page on your current internet journey. i have had this blog, under different names, for years now. it has changed as my priority interests have changed…covering anything from pop culture, to opinion pieces, to cooking, to being a mama. i dive into new interests and soak up and retain a lot of information, then form my own thoughts and methods, which is what i share here, generally speaking. i am also a writer (meaning in addition to being a blogger).

here is a little writing background in case you’re interested. feel free to just skip this and trust that i know what i’m doing.

a lil background:

age 0 to 4 – i had a vast collection of books when i was little and all through my childhood. i mean humungous. i had the entire series which consisted of like 20+ books of like 5 different series. tons of awesome random books. i lovvvvved them!!!!! i actually don’t read much anymore. but i absolutely loved them. the colors, and glossy pages. i learned lessons and morals, and i learned words, emotions, so much. i kept them in pristine condition and only colored in one.

age 4 – i wrote my first story series on a character called P. Moonie. the stories were told thru pictures and covered topics like “P.Moonie goes to a candy store to buy an apple”. they were stapled together…so that’s a book.

age 6 – i started making books out of those awesome blank-books. i would draw the pictures and tell the story and my mom would write the words for me into the books. i did about three of these

age 9 – i was put into the Creative Writing Program at my elementary school we wrote about cool stuff like “pretend you are a cantaloupe and describe a day in your life” and stuff. i totally loved it and excelled. i felt special.

age 9-11 – still in the Creative Writing Program, we had local, regional, and statewide writing competitions for short stories. it was funny, cuz with each contest i would write about double the word count max. say if it was 28,000…my story would be like 45,000 so my mom and the teacher had to work with me to get a handle on it so i could submit it. then we would draw pictures, make a cover and a back, bind it together, and submit. my titles were: 3rd Grade = “The Lake Bead Mystery”, 4th Grade = something about a new girl, 5th Grade = “You want me to spell that?” this one went to state and won 2nd place!

age 12-14 – i started a bunch of “novels“, i would develop major character sketches, and start into about two chapters and then get bored. i also started writing poetry about friendly easy topics like christmas, snow, and playing the piano

age 15-18 – in the advanced English program, lots of writing all though high school. apparently i was known for being good…as geeky as it was at the time, i’m proud to have one the senior award for “Most Likely to Write a Best Seller“. i also wrote some deeper, darker, more emotional poetry…having realized it didn’t have to rhyme. some of my pieces were included in a regional anthology.

age 19-23 – after losing focus amidst dreams to be a criminologist and throwing back wayyy too much beer…in college at UC-Santa Barbara, i minored in Professional Writing (amazing program). i wrote restaruant reviews and news articles for our daily paper and was promoted from Reporter to Staff Writer. i interned for the publisher of an exlusive little newsletter called “Entree”. i interned for the Santa Barbara Independent as a Reporter. i interned at Veeco as a technical writer in their publishing department and was hired upon graduation. then they laid of half the dept, including me.

age 24 – after a few temp jobs, i got a job at the Workbook where i work as an Editorial Assistant, which was basically glorified cold-calling and listings updates. i did however create an entire buyer/distributor list for a new produt line along with my partner in bitter success, Jenn.

age 25 – 28 – got a job at URB Magazine doing at first Office Mgt, then Asst to Publisher, then Operations Management, Intern Management, Marketing, Events + Promo Management, Subscription, Circulation, Newsstand, and Retail Management, and A/R + A/P Management. My writing outlet has seriously dwindled. i hadn’t written so little since my first few years of college when all i did was party hardy. so i have a lot to say, and really enjoy writing this blog, if only for myself. but thank you for reading.

age 28 – 29 – i switched industries and began working at an organization that took a best-selling self-help/transformative book on love+relationships and turned it into a brand offering classes, workshops, and online classes. i handled the execution of pretty much everything including operations, event production, newsletter editing,

age 29 – present – after a wonderful pregnancy and birth of the most amazing person in the world, i have now resumed work…for myself…as a writer, among other things. you can see my work at

writing goals (i tend to acheive my goals, so this isn’t just babble):

  • cookbook
  • self-help books / website
  • restaurant reviews
  • children’s books
  • magazine writing

i would just like to also say a quick thank-you to Reggie, whose idea it was that i should start a blog…he is the love of my life and now fiance!


  1. i just love you urban princess! 🙂

  2. You better believe Im checking daily too girl!! I love what your doing, its my new substitute from trashy magazines ; )

    way better…

  3. well I’m glad you like my faithful commenting… cause I’m not likely to stop anytime soon LOL. 😉 I’m really VERY glad you have this blog. I feel I get to know people well through writing and blogging, and have been enjoying my last year in that social avenue.

    keep on writing, girl. from your history, it doesn’t look like you’ll ever stop.

  4. i read it too 🙂

  5. Good to see some postive insightfu. and genuinely funny shit on the web..Once again good lookin out on the flicks and tell NF that I said Ill see him at the top…One..Ultra

  6. U rock writer — do ya thing shortie

    — one reader

  7. Hey Girl! So your very proud mom told me about your site and your so cool new plans! Your site looks fabulous! I’m totally impressed! Way to go…keep following your passions and success is sure to follow!

    Let’s catch up some time soon…

  8. Hey, girl! Great stuff! So proud of you! Hang in there, there is no place you can’t go!
    Love Ya, AE

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